REY in the Netherlands!

We’ve got some good news to share about our co-production REY!

REY, by Niles Atallah, will be released in the Netherlands by EYE Filmmuseum as part of the program Previously Unreleased! The first screening in EYE will be on August 23, following a Q&A with director Niles Atallah. In the upcoming weeks tickets can be purchased through this website.

Besides this, REY has been selected for the festival World Cinema Amsterdam! On August 20 the film will be screened in Rialto, including a Q&A with Niles Atallah. Tickets can be purchased through this website from Thursday August 2 on.

Are you not available on those dates? No problem at all! Since REY will also be screened on Wednesday August 22 in KINO Rotterdam, as IFFR KINO Special in collaboration with EYE Filmmuseum! This screening will include a Q&A with Niles as well. From this moment on, tickets can be purchased through this website.

About the film:
REY was the winner of last year’s IFFR Special Jury Award for Artistic Achievement in the Tiger Competition. In 1860, French lawyer and adventurer Orélie-Antoine de Tounens has dreams of becoming King of Patagonia. He travels to a remote area in the south of Chile where he establishes his kingdom with the aid of the local Mapuche tribe, but then starts descending into madness.