Extra funding for Calimucho

The Dutch Film Fund has given a boost to Eugenie Jansen’s Calimucho. In addition to the support of 450.000 Euro, Calimucho received another 350.000 this week. Earlier this year, the Fund invited eight projects that were blocked in their financing to apply for extra money. The extra production support went to two – “the most […]

Wolfsbergen selected for Berlinale 2007

Nanouk Leopold’s Wolfsbergen has been selected for the International Forum of New Cinema of the next Berlin Film Festival. The first screening will be on February 11.

Now She Yells selected for Cinemart Rotterdam 2007

Now She Yells by Esther Rots has been selected to participate in CineMart 2007, the co-production market of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan 28-Feb 1, 2007). In Now She Yells a 30-year old woman looks back on her rather unachieving life, and decides to take action.

Principles of Life supported by Hubert Bals Fund Plus

Rumanian director Radu Judes debut film Principles of Life has received production support through Circe Films. Ada Solomon from Hi Film Production in Bucharest is the producer of the film. Principles of Life shows one day in the life of a fifty-year old, divorced businessman, who tries to take his family to the Bulgarian seaside […]

Circe Films co-producer of Spring Ritual

Circe will act as a co-producer of Belgian director Patrice Toye’s second feature Spring Ritual. Patrice Toyes debut Rosie won critical acclaim when internationally released. Spring Ritual, written by Bjrn Olaf Johannessen and Toye herself, won this years Sundance NHK Award. The film depicts a man who decides to disappear and to start a new […]

Dialogue Exercise no. 1 in 13 Dutch theatres

Tonight Esther Rots’ short film Dialogue Exercise no.1: the City will start its release together with the documentary I never want to be famous by Mercedes Stalenhoef. Dialogue Exercise was awarded with a Golden Calf for Best Short Film and also won the NPS Prize for Best Short Film. Esther Rots recently finalized the script […]

Wolfsbergen shoot started

Shooting has started of Wolfsbergen, Nanouk Leopold’s kaleidoscopic portrayal of four generations of a family in which mutual relationships are being put to the test. Tamar van den Dop, Fedja van Huêt, Karina Smulders, Jan Decleir, Catherine ten Bruggencate, and Piet Kamerman play the leading roles. Wolfsbergen is being filmed at a number of locations […]

Brownian Movement selected for Cinemart Rotterdam 2006

Brownian Movement by Nanouk Leopold has been selected to participate in CineMart 2006, the co-production market of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan 25 ­ Feb 5, 2006). Brownian Movement tells the story of a happily married woman who decides to actualise her secret fantasies.

Nanouk Leopold finalist 2006 Sundance/NHK International Filmmakers Award

Nanouk Leopold has been selected as one of the three finalists in Europe for the 2006 Sundance/NHK International Filmmakers Award. The Award honors four emerging directors with their next screenplays – one each from the United States, Europe, Latin America and Japan – who with their originality, talent and vision can make an important contribution […]

Four important awards for Circe at 25th Dutch Film Festival

At the closing ceremony of the Dutch Film Festival, Guernsey was bestowed with two Golden Calves, for Best Director (Nanouk Leopold) and for Best Actress (Maria Kraakman). Guernsey also won the Dutch Film Critics Award. Esther Rots’ Dialogue Exercise was awarded with a Golden Calf for Best Short Film.

6 nominations Dutch Film Awards for Guernsey Dialogue Exercise no.1 also nominated

Yesterday evening at the 25th Netherlands Film Festival, the nominations were announced for the prestigious award for Dutch cinema, the Golden Calf. Guernsey by Nanouk Leopold was nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor and for the Dutch Film Critics Award. Also nominated was Esther Rots with Dialogue Excercise no. […]