Dialoog oefening nr.1: De Stad

[Dialogue Exercise no.1: the City]

Short film about a young woman whose complaint about life is unstoppable.


Jara Lucieer


Director & ScreenplayEsther Rots
ProducerStienette Bosklopper
Co-producerNPS Television
Director of photographyLennert Hillige
EditorEsther Rots
Sound designDan Geesin

Release & Festivals

World premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival 2005
Released in the Netherlands by A-Film in 29-05-2006

Prestigious Dutch Cinema Award, the Golden Calf for Best Short Film, NPS Prize for Best Short Film.

Hamburg ISF, Edinborough IFF.

Technical Features

Dutch, 10 mins., 35mm, color, optical sound, Dolby SRD.