A Tale of Three Sisters

A Tale of Three Sisters tells the story of three sisters from a poor village in Central Anatolia. The girls are given to affluent families as foster children (‘besleme’) in the hope of improving their lives.


A Tale of Three Sisters is currently in post-production


DirectorEmin Alper
ScreenplayEmin Alper
ProducerNadir Öperli - Liman Film (Turkey)
Co-producersKomplizen Film - Jonas Dornbach
Jannine Jackowski & Maren Ade (Germany)
Circe Films - Stienette Bosklopper & Lisette Kelder (Netherlands)
Horsefly Productions – Yorgos Tsourgiannis (Greece)

Supported by

Insignia, Eurimages, Germany-Turkey Co-Production Development Fund, Netherlands Film Fund