Ruta del Jaca

In this film, which blends together fiction and documentary, American Matt Lorenz travels to Peru to find out how his parents met their end there twenty years ago. The local authorities claim they were murdered by terrorists, but there are also letters from Matt’s mother describing her visits to shamans to cure her cancer. Matt’s parents were also in touch with a young singer, Sonia Morales, who later became a Peruvian popular hero. His search takes Matt through all of Peru as he gradually gets closer to the truth.


Matt Lorenz, Pietro Sibille, Rosalinda Guerrero, Julio Ortiz and Sonia Morales


Director & ScreenplayKris Kristinsson
ProducerCirce Films (The Netherlands) & Kristinsson Film (The Netherlands)
Director of photographyKris Kristinsson
EditorDamon Fries
SoundKris Kristinsson
Art directorSonia Morales / Jason Soares

Release & Festivals

World premiere at Netherlands Film Festival 2009
Released by Cinema Delicatessen in 2009

Technical Features

English & Spanish, 73 mins., Digi Beta PAL, color/B&W, Stereo, 16:9 ratio