Calimucho is a poignant, realistic portrait of Dicky, a young woman who must choose between her love for her brother in law Willy and his son Timo, whom she has cared for since her sister’s death, her love for Tarek, the young tent builder from Tunisia who is in town for the season, and her love for the circus life and her family. Calimucho is a mixture of cola and red wine: a cheap drink that can be consumed pretty inconspicuously – exactly what widower Willy needs to keep the past at bay.


Dicky Kilian, Willy Soeurt, Tarek Hannoudi, Peter Verberk, Huppertz family, Krämer family and others.


DirectorEugenie Jansen
ScreenplayNatasha Gerson in cooperation with Rogier de Blok
ProducerStienette Bosklopper
Director of photographyAdri Schrover
EditorPatrick Minks
SoundAlex Booy and Uwe Dresch

Supported by

The film was made with the support of the Dutch Film Fund, CoBo Fund and HUMAN.
Development support from Dutch Production Platform and the Rotterdam Fund for Film and Audiovisual Media.

Release & Festivals

World premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival 2008 – Forum
Released in the Benelux on 11-9-2008 by A-Film

Dutch Film Critics Award Netherlands Film Festival 2008, Lambertz Euregio Filmpreis Made in Europe Film Festival 2009

Aken FF GE, Crossing Europe FF Linz AT, Transylvania IFF RO, Los Angeles IFF US, Paris Cinema FR, Durban IFF ZA, FF Muenster GE, London FF GB, IFF of India, Jakarta IFF ID, Filmwerkstatt Muenster ‘Tour of Dutch films in GE’, Filmmuseum Munchen GE.

Technical Features

Romanian, 99 mins, 35mm, color