Beyond The Purple Mountains

An animated short.

Mary, Dick and Bill are the characters in Beyond The Purple Mountains, an animated children’s show loved all over the world. On the eve of it’s 30th anniversary, the show’s creator Uncle Gilly must deal with a secret he’s kept all these years. These characters are not animated at all, but rather real flesh and bone little people who have turned on their creator and are conspiring to finally escape.


Beyond The Purple Mountains is currently in development.


DirectorNina Gantz & Simon Cartwright
ScreenplayNina Gantz & Simon Cartwright
ProducerStienette Bosklopper & Lisette Kelder - Circe Films
Co-producersJames Stevenson Bretton - Blink Industries (United Kingdom)
Amaury Ovise - Kazak Productions (France)

Supported by

The Netherlands Film Fund, CNC